01. The rhinoceros fought hard to protect its [offspring] from a pack of hyenas.
02. A female dog generally has around 4 [offspring] per litter.
03. The [offspring] of a zebra must learn to run within minutes of birth in order to survive.
04. The [offspring] of the first rabbits introduced to the university campus now number in the hundreds.
05. They are monsters; [offspring] of the devil, children of hatred and loathing, spawn of death and destruction.
06. The [offspring] of the first extra-terrestrials to come to our planet now hold important positions in governments the world over.
07. Immigrants face the dual challenges of teaching something of their culture of origin to their children while they and their [offspring] learn to fit into the new society.
08. The rats were totally overcrowded in the cages, and mothers began to eat their [offspring].
09. DNA is the genetic information that passes from parent to [offspring].
10. Scientist Carl Sagan once remarked that one of the greatest gifts adults can give to their [offspring] and to their society is to read to children.
11. There is a Danish proverb which states that it is unworthy [offspring] that brag the most about their worthy descendants.
12. Because of the giant panda's large size, and the small size of their [offspring], it is difficult to tell when a panda is pregnant.
13. Artist Joseph Albers described a mixed color as the [offspring] of two original colors.
14. Poseidon caused King Minos' wife to fall in love with a bull, and the [offspring] of their unnatural union was the Minotaur, a monster which was half man and half bull.
15. Female elephants live in family units of about two to four related females and their [offspring].
16. If they all lived, two ordinary house flies could produce 5,000,000,000,000 [offspring] in one season.
17. Women in Eritrea bear on average six children, but generally not all of their [offspring] survive into adulthood.
18. Recent studies show that some wild orangutan parents teach their [offspring] to use leaves as napkins.
19. Individuals live, grow old and die, but their kind is perpetuated in their [offspring].

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